Training Series Graduate Photos!

By: | 08.20.14 | Training and Development
Congrats to everyone who completed the Supervision & Management Foundation Level 1 Cohort Series! Congrats to Sharon McDaniel (left) on completing the Supervision & Management Foundation Level 1 Cohort Series! Congrats to Christopher Spedaliere on completing the...

Our Employees Travel to States Where Marijuana is Legal

By: | 06.10.14 | Common HR Questions
Question: How does the legalization of marijuana in certain states potentially affect us as a NJ-based employer? We have employees who travel to states where marijuana has been legalized.  What is our risk if one of our employees uses marijuana while they are in su...

Employee to Carry Gun to Unsafe Worksite?

By: | 06.10.14 | Common HR Questions
Question: Some of our employees are required to travel into areas that have high levels of crime and some have indicated that they don’t feel safe. We are worried that someone will ask to carry their registered weapon to one of these sites. Can we allow an employe...

Spotlight on Manufacturing: Montgomery County, PA

By: | 05.27.14 | Company News
There are many great employers right here in Montgomery County, PA presenting hidden opportunities for people looking to build great careers doing meaningful and interesting things!

Background Checks on Prospective Employees Before Offer

By: | 05.14.14 | Common HR Questions
Q: Can companies conduct background checks on prospective employees before making the offer of employment? A: As a general rule, the information obtained and requested during the pre-employment process should be limited to that which is essential for determining if a pe...

Mid-Term Elections Loom, Increasing Focus on Key Decisions Under ACA

By: | 05.14.14 | Benefits
As the battle lines are drawn and both Republicans and Democrats gear up for the Mid-Term elections, employers await key decisions on some of the more difficult and complicated items of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The final regulations on non-discrimination with resp...