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What are the Benefits of Coaching?

By: | 10.28.21 | Training and Development
In my previous blog about Let’s Talk Coaching, the first in a series on coaching, we started with the basics – what is coaching. I know this may have seemed rudimentary but it wasn’t. About 60% of the clients that I work with don’t truly understa...

Let’s Talk Coaching

By: | 10.07.21 | Training and Development
In my last blog, I discussed the many elements of talent development in addition to training – things like coaching, mentoring, providing stretch assignments, creating learning circles, creating resource libraries, special projects, professional organizations, pee...

Steps for Creating a Culture of Development

By: | 06.29.21 | Training and Development
As I said in my last post there are many ways to Create a Developmental Culture for your employees but how do you know what’s right for you and your organization?  Where do you begin on your journey of creating a culture of development?  What s...

Why employee training is different from employee development

By: | 03.17.21 | Training and Development
Word choice matters.  Labels matter.  This is why it’s important to distinguish the difference between “training” your employees and “developing” your employees.  Too often these words are used interchangeably to the detrimen...

Creating a Development Culture

By: | 02.26.21 | Training and Development
Training is an event.  Development is an on-going journey.  To succeed in today’s world with rapidly advancing technology, increased competition, and things like unforeseen global pandemics, you need to create a culture where development of your greatest...

Hope is Not a Business Strategy

By: | 02.05.21 | Training and Development
Last year was undeniably hard.  And here at the beginning of 2021 we can hope that it’s going to be better.  We can hope that things will return to normal or at least a post-Covid “new normal.” We can hope that the struggles we’ve been ...