5 Reasons to Recruit during The Holidays

Holiday Recruit

Soon, Thanksgiving will be upon us. For most companies, this heralds the season where management, production and hiring starts to gear down to a less hectic pace. Recruiting at this time is virtually at a standstill.

But, believe it or not, the Holiday Season and the end of the year can and should be one of your most productive times to find talent.

Here are 5 reasons why December is one of the best months to recruit:

1. Availability

Candidates are more available this time of year. With Holiday parties, time off and relaxed management, candidates will have an easier time taking calls, scheduling interviews and changing jobs. They may have unused vacation they need to take, giving them extra time for the job search.

Hiring managers are also more available this time of year. For the same reasons candidates have extra time, so do our hiring managers. Managers will be dealing with less meetings, conferences and business travel. This is the best month to catch a hiring manager in their office and find them open to a conversation.

2. Higher Visibility

Recruiters, pay attention. December is the best month to get your jobs seen on the web. Traffic, clutter and competitor postings will be way down. Likewise, prospects will be highly active on social media. It’s the perfect confluence of activity for recruiting. Get your jobs posted for high visibility.

3. It’s Budget Time

Budgets are being finalized for the new year. Many businesses start their year on January 1st. Hiring managers will know their upcoming budget and their headcount for the coming year. They will also have the free time to interview and get a head-start on new year hires.

4. Top Performers Get Restless

December is year-end bonus time for many companies. Once bonuses are paid, the top performing employees lose their financial incentive to stay. Also, disappointing bonuses can be an increased incentive for top performers to move on. Candidates who normally would not be looking during the regular year may consider a move now.

5. It’s Business as Usual for Many

Around the nation and around the world, many candidates do not celebrate Thanksgiving and the Christmas Holidays. We should never assume that a candidate will not be interested in hearing about new job opportunities.

Holiday time in the US is generally a period of good-will, anticipation, family and connection. It’s the perfect time for recruiters and hiring managers to connect with each other and connect with candidates. The looser, festive spirit and environment makes for more positive and productive interaction. And what better gift can you give or get than a great new job?

If you find yourself in need of recruiting support this holiday season, give us a call. We can help, even if it’s Christmas.

About the Author

Patrick McLaughlin is an adept and empowering Talent Acquisition Professional, Managing MEA’s Recruiting Services. He has taken both new and seasoned recruiting teams to new levels of productivity utilizing innovative best practices, time management and training in bullet-proof recruiting fundamentals.