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About Us At MEA

Since 1903, Members have trusted MidAtlantic Employers’ Association (MEA) to deliver essential Human Resource services that attract, retain and motivate their workforce. Members see in us a single source for HR services that deliver responsive, practical solutions to their HR needs.

As a membership-focused, regionally-based association, MEA is perfectly positioned to serve your HR needs.

MEA’s founders were also its first members. From the start, this unique relationship has enabled us to provide support and counsel finely attuned to each member’s HR needs. And to fulfill them with an extensive—and unequalled—portfolio of services, programs, and benefits.

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The staff at MEA is a group of experienced, talented, and accomplished professionals working to bring about better outcomes for our Members and their employees.

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MEA is proud to join forces with organizations that help us support your employees and grow your business.

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Our History

On December 4, 1903 an invitation issued by the twenty-two (22) metal trades members of the National Founders Association to the first meeting of the Metal Manufacturers Association (MMA) of Philadelphia. The purpose was to promote “open shops” in the Philadelphia area and to enable companies to cope with union activism.

The Manufacturers’ Association of Montgomery County (MAMC) began with different concerns.The industrialist who called the first meeting hoped to create a “mutual interest” among Montgomery County businessmen in opposition to proposed state legislation. While MAMC was not confined to a specific industry it was, in part, organized around local textile manufacturers’ opposition to state legislation regulating employment.

In the late 1930’s both MAMC and MMA set up employee relations committees to advise employers how to conform to new codes and regulations. To broaden their base of support, the MMA changed its name in 1960 to the Manufacturers’ Association of Greater Philadelphia (MAGP) and expanded its territory to cover eight Pennsylvania counties, five New Jersey counties and one county in Delaware. In 1971, MAGP and MAMC merged into the Manufacturers’ Association of Delaware Valley (MADV).

In the 1980’s, MADV expanded its management services and marketed them beyond the Delaware Valley, opening membership to service firms and merging with the Manufacturers and Business Association of Southern New Jersey.

In 1993, recognizing that the range of professional services that the organization had developed over the years applied to all employers, MADV changed its name to the MidAtlantic Employers’ Association (MEA).

Today, with an in-house staff that possesses a greater knowledge base and expertise than ever in its history, MEA is well positioned to assist employers of all types and sizes in coping with their ever-expanding employee relations issues. While many non-profit membership organizations primarily provide information to their members, MEA goes an important step further: MEA employs a staff of human resource professionals to provide “hands-on,” issue-specific consultation and services, covering all aspects of employer-employee relations. The benefit to members is that their MEA human resource representative, through our initial assessment, becomes intimately familiar with the member’s business and employer-employee relations issues and culture, resulting in consistent and knowledgeable advice to the member.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your business goals and discuss how we can help you achieve those goals.
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