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MEA has reinvented recruitment.

We Partner with YouIn contrast to traditional staffing agencies, we’re fully invested in the success of your hires and business. Finding you the perfect match is our only priority.

Seasoned ExpertsOur recruiting team has a wealth of experience across many industries, especially engineering and manufacturing.

Flexible and AffordableWe work on a project basis to help you fill one or multiple positions. And we’ll do it in the most cost-effective way for your organization.

We Find the Hard-to-FindMEA has a proven history of success in finding that one right person for our Member organizations.

Member Testimonial

“MEA was a great resource for Lux Products — a surprising resource actually, because the positions we were looking for over the past two years were not easy to recruit. I found MEA to be easy to work with, diligent, and they kept at it until we had the right candidates, and we now have 3 excellent people because of it. With affordable pricing, the value Lux Products got from these searches was outstanding.I will be using MEA for my recruiting needs again.”
Rob Munin, President, LUX Products Corporation

According to Forbes, today’s organizations grapple with several recruitment challenges.

Which of the following have you experienced?

Skilled-labor ShortagesIt’s difficult to find qualified candidates, especially across the STEM fields.

Retiring WorkforceThe Baby Boomer Generation is retiring in droves. 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day.

Recruitment StressDespite labor shortages and changing workforce demographics, it’s still your responsibility to hire right.

MEA’s Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Services


MEA manages the advertising, search, identification and delivery of talent. We identify, qualify and prepare candidates for their initial contact with your hiring team. Our recruiters will personally address all candidates and pre-qualify them for skill, availability, location and rate.

Full Life Cycle Search

This comprehensive recruitment offering incorporates deep-search methods, selective screening and highly detailed qualification processes that account for your company’s unique culture. We work together with your hiring team throughout the entire process, ensuring the best selection of available talent is identified, managed and hired.


Members have access to MEA.Jobs, a robust job posting and candidate management tool that utilizes the best and most popular job posting resources. And it’s all available at a discounted Member rate.

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