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MEA provides our Members access to part-time professionals available to work on-site for special projects, expansion initiatives, technology rollouts or to assist during busy times. Backed by our full support, they’ll arrive pre-acquainted with your company so they can hit the ground running without you having to bring them up to speed.

HR Generalist

We understand the complexities of Human Resources—and your organization. Maintain strong, active and reliable HR in times of heightened demand. Whether for short-term or project-based assignments, our talented professionals are ready to assist you whenever and however you need.

Administrative Support

Already have Administrative Support on payroll? You may still find there are times you and your team require additional assistance. Seasonal highs, demanding new projects, growing workforce—whatever your challenges, our seasoned Administrative Support pros are up ready to help you overcome them.

When you need support, we’ll have your back. Put MEA to work for you today. Learn about the many benefits of MEA Membership.
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