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Whether you are looking for In-Person training for your local team, Live Online training for employees who are working remotely, or Self-Paced eLearning for employees to work on skills at their own pace, MEA has a solution to fit your needs. Click here to view our eLearning offerings.

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Search and register for upcoming training workshops and series currently scheduled both in-person at MEA and online through our learning management system.


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Learn more about our leadership and management training series, and the types of workshops and delivery methods available.

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Maximize Your Senior Leaders' Potential

Receive tools and techniques to improve your leadership skills, enhance your business acumen, and create a positive work culture that fosters engagement.

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Optimizing talent

MEA’s Professional & Leadership Development Series help leaders develop vital skills that promote a healthy work environment and encourage employee retention.

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More efficient, more effective

Training employees at your location not only enhances employee development and retention, but it can save you time and money, and ramp up the speed of key company initiatives.

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Real-time. On your time.

The “MEA Live” training platform is designed to give attendees the same engaging learning experience they would receive in-person.

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The newest tools

Especially with the recent focus on workplace harassment, doing nothing is no longer an option. If it has been more than 1 year since your last training, your company may have increased risk.

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Sharing ideas and insights

MEA’s Peer Groups are an opportunity for members interact with other Members, share ideas, best practices and resources, learn from each others’ successes and failures and provide support.

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eLearning through Vado

Vado’s 315 bite-size courses offer experiential instruction delivered through video and tailored exercises designed to help learners develop and apply skills.

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