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Well-being & Wellness Considerations for Employee Health

By: | 01.24.22 | Benefits
At our recent Growth & Recovery Webinar, Mike McGrath, CEO of The Charge Group, spoke on the importance of well-being and wellness for both employers and employees and what he believes to be the top 3 well-being trends for employee health. According to McGrath, o...

Aon Says Boosting Workers’ Retirement Savings Rates to Be Primary Focus for U.S. Employers in 2017

By: | 01.19.17 | blog, Benefits,
Despite strong participation in employer-sponsored 401(k) plans, few employers (15 percent) are satisfied with their workers’ current savings rates, according to a new report from Aon Hewitt, the talent, retirement and health solutions business of Aon plc (NYSE: A...

Important: The EEOC Has Published Its Position On Whether Employers Must Provide Extra Unpaid Leave To Disabled Employees

By: | 01.19.17 | Benefits, blog,
Michael G. Trachtman Powell Trachtman Logan Carrle & Lombardo, P.C. MEA General Counsel The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that an employer must provide a “disabled” (which is very broadly defined) employee with a...

Informal Discussion Letter Sheds Light on Employer-Sponsored Wellness Program Incentives

By: | 11.09.16 | Benefits
The EEOC has released a resource document that, while not considered a formal Commission opinion, nonetheless clarifies the lawful boundaries under the ADA for incentives that employers may offer in wellness programs. Released earlier this month, an informal discussion ...

Six in 10 Millennials Would Sacrifice Pay for Guaranteed Retirement Benefits, Survey Shows

By: | 10.07.16 | Benefits
Faced with mounting worries over their finances and retirement outlook, six in 10 millennials say they are willing to sacrifice pay for more secure retirement benefits. At the same time, however, their appetite for forgoing some of their pay for reduced or more predicta...

Confused About ACA Reporting Requirements? IRS Explains What You Need to Know

By: | 08.17.15 | Benefits
The IRS has released a reminder that calculating the number of employees is especially important for employers that have close to 50 employees or whose work force fluctuates during the year. That’s because these applicable large employers, or ALEs, must offer thei...