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Is Your Payroll System a Frankenstein’s Monster or Your Competitive Edge?

By: | 07.14.22 | Strategic HR
Times have changed. Conversations that center around Payroll or Payroll/HRIS are antiquated. Business and HR Leaders need to be talking in terms of Human Capital Management Technology (HCMT) and viewing these platforms as employee engagement, retention, and collaboratio...

5 Ways to Show Appreciation for your Employees

By: | 02.25.22 | Strategic HR
March 4 is National Employee Appreciation Day; a day to consider the importance of the relationship between employers and employees. The importance of appreciating the efforts of your team has become even more crucial since March of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic afforded ...

The Great “Sansdemic”

By: | 11.23.21 | Strategic HR
On November 17, workforce development expert Jim Morgan was an expert speaker on the topic of the Great Sansdemic. “Sans” meaning without and “demic” meaning people.” In his presentation, Morgan delves into the causes of today’s talen...

Be Human to Make Work Human: Keynote address by Derek Irvine

By: | 09.29.21 | Strategic HR
At the 2021 HR Leadership Conference, Derek Irvine, Senior Vice President of Workhuman, shared how humans are changing the future of work and the world. Specifically, he focused on how to make work more human as well as how to fuel positivity, engagement, innovation, re...

Union Changes Under the Biden Administration

By: | 04.28.21 | Strategic HR
New President, new union changes? Law firm Troutman Pepper spoke on this week’s webinar about what they predict will be more union-friendly legislation that will be coming from this administration. We know that the Biden administration plans to shake up union...

Quick Survey: 39% of respondents undecided about hybrid work arrangements

By: | 04.14.21 | blog, Strategic HR, Coronavirus,
According to a pulse survey of MEA Member companies, nearly forty percent of employers are still undecided on how they will reintroduce employees to the workspace on a weekly basis. Question 1: As federal and state restrictions allow, what are your plans for employee...