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One Way Employers Provide Basic Mental Health Resources

By: | 01.12.23 | Uncategorized
In July of this year, we provided LifeSpeak, a Mental Health and Well-Being Platform, to our Member Employers, their employees and immediate family members. LifeSpeak is a non-intimidating first step towards gaining valuable education to manage mental health and wellnes...

Unemployment and Life After COVID-19

By: | 03.24.21 | Uncategorized
As Employers move towards getting back to work, and our “new normal”, there are several important issues they will be confronting. Ironically, many of these issues can lead to new, valid Unemployment Compensation claims. Vaccines What is your policy go...

Employee Benefits & Wellness (Town Hall 3.9.2021)

By: | 03.11.21 | Uncategorized
From our friends at Paylocity, we have a great discussion around Employee Benefits and Wellness! We must support our employees from a truly holistic approach: MentalPhysicalFinancialSocial Some of the ways that we can do this and that our employees maybe expecti...

Town Hall Synopsis 1.26.2021

By: | 02.03.21 | Uncategorized
From MEA attorney Amy McAndrew, we have several COVID-19 related legal updates to share with our members this week. Vulnerable populations have begun receiving the vaccines and more supply will be more widely available by spring 2021. Hotline Calls- 2020 Recap Wr...