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9 Tips For A Liability-Free Holiday Party

By: | 12.07.22 | HR Compliance
Many employers had limited – or no – year-end celebrations through the COVID-19 pandemic but are now returning to in person parties. While the annual festivities can be the source of good cheer and teambuilding, they also can lead to legal liability. Here ar...

Diversify & Strengthen your Workforce with Neurodiverse Talent 

By: | 10.27.22 | Recruiting
In a recent town hall, Cait Russel, OTD, OTR/L, Director of the Neurodiversity Employment Network of Philadelphia and Shawn Garrison, Chief Operating Officer of New Way Air Bearings discussed how to diversify and strengthen your workforce with Neurodiverse talent. Wh...

Are My Remote Employees Eligible for Leave Under the Family and Medical Leave Act?

By: | 10.14.22 | Common HR Questions
When the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was passed in 1993, legislators and business leaders did not contemplate largely remote workforces. In 2022, however, many companies are embracing fully remote employees, leaving many employers asking – among other thin...

Myonex Member Spotlight: How Culture and Core Values Fuel Global Growth

By: | 09.09.22 | Member Spotlight
In my travels as CEO, I have come across many great MEA Member employers, all contributing to our vibrant community. Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting with Maryanne Walsh, Vice President of Client and Employee Engagement at Myonex. I want to share a little of the...

Is Your Payroll System a Frankenstein’s Monster or Your Competitive Edge?

By: | 07.14.22 | Strategic HR
Times have changed. Conversations that center around Payroll or Payroll/HRIS are antiquated. Business and HR Leaders need to be talking in terms of Human Capital Management Technology (HCMT) and viewing these platforms as employee engagement, retention, and collaboratio...

Protect Your Greatest Asset: Your People

By: | 07.11.22 | Engagement
Great Resignation. Record Inflation. Possible Recession and market drops. Virtual, hybrid or mandatory returns to the office. Rising Mental Health challenges. These headlines dominate the press, social media and employee discussions at work, at home and with their frien...

Fundamental Considerations for Designing your Variable Pay Plan 

By: | 05.27.22 | Compensation
At a recent MEA Insights Webinar, Lou Lazo, Compensation Consultant for MEA’s sister-organization, Employers Council, presented on the design process for building a variable pay plan. Basic Vocabulary for Variable Pay Terms: Fixed Pay: Compensation that has ...

Pre-termination checklist for Managers and HR

By: | 05.20.22 | HR Compliance
Even with the Great Resignation and the challenges of recruitment and retention, employers still find themselves with employees who are underperforming, violating policies or simply not working out.  In the workplace, there are few actions that present more legal r...

What Employers Should Know About Hair and Race Discrimination

By: | 04.07.22 | HR Compliance
Last month, the United States House of Representatives passed the Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair (CROWN) Act with bipartisan support. The CROWN Act now moves to the Senate, where a companion bill is sponsored by Senator Cory Booker of New Jer...