HR Outsourcing Services

Since 1903, our Members have turned to us for trusted, single source Human Resources support. Our HR experts can help you solve your HR challenges and prepare you for new ones.

If you’re charged with managing the HR function for your organization, how can you ensure that your HR policies are compliant and effective, and at the same time, develop a high-functioning workforce? With MEA. MEA helps successful, growing organizations manage their workforce needs, stay current and compliant, and attract, develop and retain their talent. MEA gives you the security of on-going, easily accessible back-up support for all of your HR questions, problems, and tasks. And, if you’re confronted with HR projects that are too complex or too time-consuming, MEA can manage them for you.

Talent Acquisition & Recruiting

Efficient, flexible talent acquisition, recruitment outsourcing, and background check solutions.
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Employers’ Hotline

Get responsive, practical answers to your HR compliance, compensation or benefits questions.
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The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment

Realize what drives workplace behaviors and harness your team’s true power. Learn More

Part Time HR Services

MEA’s senior HR professionals are available to provide support on a part-time or contract basis.
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Legal & Compliance Services

MEA’s in-house law team offers Members powerful legal advice, representation, and more.
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Employee Compensation Consulting

Compensation analysis and design experts can ensure your salaries are competitive.
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Employee Engagement Surveys

Reduce employee turnover and improve performance with an employee engagement survey.
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HR Compliance

HR compliance experts help you reduce risk and create a compliant work environment.
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Employee Benefits Management

MEA’s employee benefits experts can help you ensure your benefits programs are competitive.
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Employee Handbooks

Handbook services to help you develop a compliant handbook tailored to your business needs.
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Training & Development

Workshops and events for developing management skills, customer service, computer skills, HR and more.
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