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For more than 100 years, businesses of all sizes and types have turned to MEA for trusted, single-source HR outsourcing. Find solutions to existing and upcoming business challenges with help from our knowledgeable and experienced HR experts.

How compliant and effective are your HR policies? What programs do you have in place to ensure you’re developing a workforce positioned for success?

Whether you’re an HR professional or employer without in-house HR, MEA partners with you to take your organization to the next level. Our services promote business growth—without the pain. Let us help you manage your workforce needs, stay compliant and attract, develop and retain your talent.

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The Predictive Index:
Behavioral and Cognitive
Employee Assessments

Predict performance and gain insights into job fit, so you can place candidates in positions at which they’ll excel. Increased employee retention and
engagement saves you time and money.

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MEA Services

You Need Someone Who Has Your Back

Whether you’re a small HR Department or a Non-HR Professional managing the HR Function, you need someone to illuminate your blind spots. Our team is ready to assess your current practices and guide you around efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance.

MEA HR Experts for Added Support

Once you know where your policies and practices could use some attention, our HR Experts are available to assist as much or as little as you need. Some Members choose to implement changes themselves, some turn select projects over to MEA, while others outsource the entire function.

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Recruiting Simplified

Even top HR professionals struggle to find the time and resources to recruit top talent in today’s tight hiring market. We’re ready to support you every step of the way, from initial search to full pre-qualification and talent delivery.

Talent Equals Success

Our seasoned recruitment professionals know our Members’ industries and needs. We’ll help you build a stronger workforce with talent that’s as invested in your company’s performance as you are.

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Enhancing Skills and Fostering Growth

Coaching has transcended its traditional role and is now an invaluable leadership development tool. MEA understands this and offers One-on-One, Team, or Group Coaching aimed at empowering people leaders at every stage of their career journey.

Unlock the Potential of Your Leaders

Take your organization's performance to new heights. Our experienced team of coaches partner with you to provide coaching in a personalized way to support your people leaders and drive the growth of your organization.

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Quick Access to Quality Support

Have you been tasked with finding personnel to assist your organization with a single project or on a temporary basis? We’ll provide you with talented professionals and make you look great in the process.

Help When and Where You Need It

Whether you’re expanding, rolling out new tech or unusually busy with a new project, you may find gaps in your existing workforce. We’ll help you fill them with seasoned pros eager to meet your short-term needs.

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Answers When You Need Them

All MEA Members have access to the Employers’ Hotline. Our responsive team of HR experts—all supported by a team of in-house attorneys—provides you practical answers to your most urgent questions.

We’re Here for You

Employers with limited or no in-house HR presence often run into unfamiliar situations. Take advantage of the MEA Employers’ hotline for the quick answers you need to take action with confidence—and compliance.

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Hiring Made Easier

PI assessments are startlingly accurate. Leverage this unique, time-tested and scientifically validated system to help you choose stronger candidates. Feel confident your new hires fit your company’s needs and culture.

Build Winning Teams

Use PI’s objective, science-based methodology to identify high performers, future leaders and team dynamics that deliver business-building results. Pinpoint gaps between your people and positions, and discover how to fill them.

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Stay Ahead of Compliance

In the current business climate, the relationship between HR and legal compliance is evolving at a record pace. Rather than fall behind, rely on our in-house counsel to keep you one step ahead.

Affordable Legal Services

Avoid the high costs associated with external counsel. Instead, take advantage of MEA’s in-house legal team. Clear advice and authoritative representation protect your business from legal vulnerabilities.

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Fill Your Applicant Pool with Talent

Dried-up applicant pools and difficult-to-fill positions are often symptoms of uncompetitive compensation. We’ll help you develop cost-effective compensation strategies that will have experienced talent racing to your door.

It’s a Competitive Job Market

And winning demands competitive salaries. Attract the high-caliber talent you need to take your business to the next level. Remember, your employees are your greatest investment. Our compensation analysis and design experts will help you invest wisely.

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Low Engagement Equals High Turnover

Our six-component employee engagement surveys go beyond simple qualitative and quantitative analysis. They present you with practical steps to remedy low engagement, reduce turnover and help your company succeed.

Improve Business Performance

Employee engagement surveys help uncover hidden issues and areas for improvement that may be hurting your bottom line. Understanding what keeps your employees engaged is key to your business’ performance.

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Stay Current

You already have a full-time job, and we know it’s challenging to stay on top of rapidly changing employment and compliance regulations. Let our team of HR compliance experts keep you up to speed.

Reduce Risk

Whether or not you have in-house HR, find the expert support you—or they—need to navigate complicated employment laws. Free yourself from the worries of protecting your business so you can focus on growing it instead.

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Put It in Writing

There’s a science to writing an effective employee handbook, and it’s one our consultants have mastered. Let us help you create this essential reference for managing workplace behavior and establishing clear policies.

More than Policy

An employee handbook is a powerful tool when properly developed and administered. It’s a communication between you and your employees that promotes consistency and added value within your company.

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Groom for Success

Even the most accomplished teams benefit from ongoing training. We’ll help you enhance your company’s skills in management, customer service, HR, tech and more.

More Talented Talent

Training, development, coaching, certification and learning programs help you motivate and retain your workforce. Our tailored workshops and events are designed to your meet the needs of your employees and budget.

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Best of Both Worlds

With the MEA Retirement Savings Program, you enjoy the advantages of institutional pricing and services with low costs as your plan is grouped with other plans to create real buying power.

Let the Experts Bear the Risk

Stand-alone retirement plans create significant work and liability for you, the employer, taking time away from what you do best – running your business. With the MEA Program, the Plan Sponsor, not you, bears the fiduciary responsibility and risk and is responsible for all administration and regulatory filings.

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People Leave Toxic Workplaces

Fostering a healthy workplace is critical to your organization’s culture and bottom line now more than ever. In fact, workplace toxicity is costing employers millions per year in turnover, lost productivity, and staggering legal fees.

Cultivating a Winning Culture

So how do you simultaneously prioritize legal compliance and employee engagement in a healthy environment? Enlist the help of experts who specialize in creating healthy and compliant workplaces.

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A flexible, affordable HR Membership

HR departments come in all shapes and sizes. And so do workforce challenges. That’s why MEA offers a broad scope of services, tools, and programs designed to keep Member companies current and compliant.

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