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Can I prohibit employees from discussing their salaries?

By: | 10.24.19 | Common HR Questions
Many employers cringe at the thought of employees discussing their salaries.  Conversations about salaries can cause conflict among coworkers and anger towards management.  In an effort to avert this outcome, some employers implement policies prohibiting emplo...

Can employers require tattoos to be covered in the workplace?

By: | 10.10.19 | Common HR Questions
According to a 2015 Harris Poll, twenty-nine percent of Americans aged eighteen and older have a tattoo, with nearly half of Millennials (47%) and over a third of Generation X (36%) having at least one. Although tattoos have become more mainstream and socially acceptab...

Can I terminate an employee who does not return from leave?

By: | 08.20.19 | Common HR Questions
Sound familiar? The question of how to respond appropriately when an employee has exceeded his or her approved leave time is one frequently encountered by the MEA Legal and Compliance Team. Members often turn to MEA in search of resolution to this common yet complex sit...

What are my obligations for accommodating a lactating employee in the workplace?

By: | 07.01.19 | Common HR Questions
Earlier this year, an Arizona jury found in favor of a breastfeeding paramedic, awarding the nursing mother $3.8 million for her lawsuit alleging that she was not provided a lactation space as required by federal law (Clark v. City of Tucson, No. 14-02543 (D. Ariz. Apr...

Is obesity considered a disability under the ADA?

By: | 06.10.19 | Common HR Questions
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately forty percent of American adults are considered obese. In 2013, the American Medical Association officially recognized obesity as a disease. With the prevalence of obesity in our society, ...

Heard on the Employer’s Hotline – Part Two

By: | 05.22.19 | Common HR Questions
In part one, we reviewed 3 questions we have received recently on the employer’s hotline. While we discussed these questions briefly at the 2019 HR & Employment Law Conference, we share more detailed responses here. These are real questions (some details may ...