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Fundamental Considerations for Designing your Variable Pay Plan 

By: | 05.27.22 | Compensation
At a recent MEA Insights Webinar, Lou Lazo, Compensation Consultant for MEA’s sister-organization, Employers Council, presented on the design process for building a variable pay plan. Basic Vocabulary for Variable Pay Terms: Fixed Pay: Compensation that has ...

Executive Retention Strategies: Beyond the Salary War

By: | 12.14.21 | Compensation
During a recent Weekly Growth & Recovery Webinar, Tyler Ridgeway, Director of Human Capital Resources at Kreischer Miller, and Mike Trachtman, Partner at Wisler Pearlstine LLP, discussed executive retention strategies that go beyond the salary war. Ridgeway focus...

Unemployment Fraud – What You Need to Know 

By: | 09.01.21 | Compensation
At our Weekly Webinar on July 20th, unemployment compensation expert, Judy Snyder discussed the unprecedented rise, nationally, in fraudulent Unemployment Claims and what preventative steps organizations should be taking. Over the course of 2020 and 2021, billio...

Witnesses – How They Make or Break an Unemployment Compensation Hearing

By: | 08.10.21 | Compensation
So – you just got that unemployment hearing notice. Are you going to participate? If the answer is YES, the most important decision you will make is – Who is going to participate in the hearing? If you are going to go to all the effort of contesting a cla...

Distributed Workforce: Compensation Challenges and Approaches

By: | 07.28.21 | Compensation
Mary Rizzuti and Diana Neelman of Compensation Resources joined us at our Weekly Webinar to discuss the ever-evolving topic of compensation. Specifically, they focused on the challenges around compensation as well as the diff...

Unemployment Compensation Town Hall 2.16.2021

By: | 02.17.21 | Compensation
Our unemployment compensation guru, Judy Snyder, shared with us some important updates about unemployment compensation in Pennsylvania. The CAA- Continued Assistance for Unemployed Workers Act-  is extended from the CARES ACT into 2021. Another program is th...