Employers’ Hotline

Hundreds of Mid-Atlantic Employers call the MEA Employers’ Hotline. In the past year, we’ve handled over 2,500 hotline questions from Members who turned to us for responsive, practical answers to their HR questions.

The MEA Employers’ Hotline is staffed by MEA’s team of HR, Benefits and Training experts and supported by MEA’s in-house attorney, and is available to all MEA Members at no charge. MEA membership means you can call as often as you need help. Our staff of experts are here to give you accurate information, provide advice, offer guidance, talk you through a problem, or put you in touch with the business resource you need.

When you call the MEA Employers’ Hotline, you have immediate, single-source access to HR experts who have years of professional experience in their fields of expertise—and experience in working with hundreds of MEA members like you. That means that our staff always have the “employer’s perspective” in mind.

You can call us with questions about HR, Compensation, Benefits, Safety, Training, Quality, and Legal and Compliance. We have plenty of expertise in these areas, and if we don’t know the answer, we will research the answer by contacting State and Federal agencies anonymously, or other MEA Members and resource tools that we have access to.

“We have about 55 employees, and over the years, MEA has just been instrumental in helping us with those day-to-day HR questions that come up. When you don’t know exactly the right thing to do, or you just want to bounce an idea off of someone, the hotline is a terrific, terrific benefit.”

Susan Keipper Meell

President & CEO, MMS Education

To reach the MEA Employers’ Hotline, MEA Members can call (800) 662-6238 or email hotline@meainfo.org.

To ask about becoming a Member of MEA, and gaining access to the MEA Hotline, Call (800) 662-6238 or

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