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September 21, 2023
September 21, 2023

2023 Leadership Conference

In-Person | Sheraton Valley Forge Hotel,
480 N Gulph Rd., King of Prussia, PA 19406

At the heart of great workplaces are great people leaders.

They chart the course towards better workplace cultures, high-performing teams, and increased employee engagement. Join us at our 2023 Leadership Conference to learn from leading industry experts who have navigated complex people and cultural challenges and achieved success. This immersive experience will empower you and your team with the tools, strategies, and inspiration to shape a thriving workplace.

Be the trailblazers who navigate the future of people leadership and register today.

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8:30 AM: Registration & Networking
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM: Conference
3:00 PM - Cocktail Reception with piano performance by our closing speaker, Jack Becker.

Table Pricing

Experience the conference with your team by reserving a table of 8 seats and enjoy a substantial $400 discount.

Who's This For?

Designed for all people-leaders in an organization


HRCI: 4 Credits
SHRM: 4 Credits

Keynotes & Breakouts

Opening Keynote

Embracing Humanity: Love as a Business Strategy®

Mohammad Anwar — Founding member and President and CEO of Culture+, President and CEO of Softway, WSJ Best Selling Co-Author of Love as a Business Strategy®, Keynote Speaker, Facilitator of the Seneca Leaders Experience Frank Danna — Founding member at Culture+, WSJ Bestselling Co-Author of Love as a Business Strategy®, Keynote Speaker, Director at Softway, Facilitator of the Seneca Leaders Training Experience Join Mohammad Anwar and Frank Danna, best selling authors of Love as a Business Strategy®, as they introduce a groundbreaking framework that prioritizes people and drives organizational wellbeing, a crucial factor in achieving business success. In this transformative session, be prepared to leave behind the status quo and embrace a new approach rooted in the power of humanity. Read More »
Closing Keynote

Supersonic Success: Unleashing Leadership and Peak Performance

Jack Becker — Keynote Speaker, US Navy Fighter Pilot, Peak Human Performance Expert, Founder & CEO at Flight Level Solutions, Inc., Creator of proven "Supersonic SuccessTM" Continual Improvement Process Join Jack Becker, renowned as one of the most dynamic speakers in the industry. Having delivered impactful talks to some of the world's highest-performing organizations such as General Electric, Allied Transportation, the American Heart Association, and SunTrust Bank, Jack's expertise is unparalleled. Read More »
Morning Breakout

Stop Managing. Start Coaching! Secrets of a Rockstar Leader

Margaret Uhrich — Managing Director, Talent Development & Coaching at MidAtlantic Employers' Association During the session, participants will discover the fundamental differences between management and coaching, and the benefits of adopting a coaching approach in the workplace. They will learn practical techniques and strategies to enhance their coaching skills, including active listening, asking powerful questions, providing constructive feedback, and fostering growth and development in their team members. Read More »
Morning Breakout

Authentic Leadership: Why it Matters

Holly DePalma — Managing Director, Predictive Index Consultant at MidAtlantic Employers' Association Dr. Stephanie Royal — Chief People & Culture Officer at the Robin Hood Foundation Kevin Mauger — President of NCC Anne Ryan — Vice President, Director of Brand Strategy What is an authentic leader and why does it matter? Holly DePalma will be facilitating a panel discussion focused on the key characteristics of “Authentic Leadership.” She will be joined by area leaders, including Dr. Stephanie Royal, Anne Ryan, and Kevin Mauger who will share his leadership journey, and explain what he means by Altruism by Entrepreneurialism. This promises to be a thought-provoking session to help you evaluate your leadership style: Are you cultivating an atmosphere of trust and openness where individuals can thrive and contribute to their full potential?
Morning Breakout

Pay Transparency: A Lesson in Valuing Your Employees

Russ Wakelin — Chief Product Officer at Payscale Laws are passing across the U.S. requiring employers to post pay on job descriptions. Few employers are ready for this level of transparency. In this session, Russ Wakelin from Payscale will uncover how to respond and how to embed transparency in your compensation practices. He will share research on pay transparency trends and explain why pay transparency is as much a conversation about value as it is pay. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of how to plan for and adjust to these new realities.
Morning Breakout

Leveraging the Power of a Multi-Generational Team

Kim Huggins— Executive Consultant & Coach Join us for an engaging breakout session as we delve into the fascinating world of generational dynamics in the workplace. In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, understanding and effectively managing the diverse perspectives, values, and expectations of different generations is crucial for fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and nurturing a thriving organizational culture. Read More »
Afternoon Breakout

The Paradox of Workplace Conflict: Learning to Win by Not Winning

Deborah Brown — Director of Training at MidAtlantic Employers' Association In this engaging one-hour session, we will delve into the profound concept that the true essence of conflict lies not in achieving victory, but in embracing the opportunities for growth and learning that conflicts offer. Conflict, often seen as a negative and adversarial force, can actually be harnessed as a catalyst for personal and collective development. Read More »
Afternoon Breakout

Cultivating Inclusive Environments: 5 Steps for Better Belonging (DEI&B)

Melinda Ramos — SVP of People Partnerships & Experience at Bounteous Join this engaging breakout session at the Leadership Conference to explore the essential steps in fostering a culture of inclusivity and creating a sense of belonging within organizations. In today's diverse and dynamic workplace, it is crucial for leaders to champion Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B) initiatives. This session will provide attendees with practical steps to enhance organizational culture and promote a sense of belonging among employees from all backgrounds. Read More »
Afternoon Breakout

Culture vs. Perks: Where is Your Company?

Samantha Yanczak— Head of Executive Search Practice at Juno Search Partners During this session, we will take a deep dive into the differences between Culture and Perks, and how that relates to how employees and perspective employees view an organization. The key drivers in decision making when choosing a role/organization to join, and how they drive engagement, retention, and accountability. We will focus on the Culture drivers within an organization – spoiler alert, it is NOT pizza lunches or cold beverages in the fridge – and how to ensure you have a clear path forward when speaking to your company culture and the perks that are offered to the employees.
Afternoon Breakout

Leadership Styles and Why Micromanaging isn’t a Dirty Word

Heather Kay— Principal of Ready Aim Impact Join us as we discuss different leadership styles that people managers can and should use with their direct reports/team members. You will gain valuable insight and engage in an interactive activity aimed at enhancing your awareness of what leadership styles you use. The session is based off of Ken Blanchard’s A Situational Approach to Leadership. Key takeaways: Adaptive Leadership: Discover how to effectively analyze and respond to different situations, leveraging the right leadership style to maximize team performance and achieve desired outcomes. and Clarity on Members: Awareness of how each person’s competence and commitment on a given task helps managers to react and receive the best from them.

Book Included With Registration! "Love as a Business Strategy"

This best selling book authored by our keynote speakers shares a new, people-first framework for achieving any business outcome. A better way of doing business is possible. The workplace revolution has arrived. Love as a Business Strategy will help you ditch the status quo, embrace humanity, and achieve lasting success.


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