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MEA’s HR Total View Assessment offers a comprehensive
and objective view into the health of your HR operations.

Human Resources operations are critical to the acquisition, engagement and performance of an organization’s most valuable resource, its people. We recognize that every department is at its own unique point which is why our approach and recommendations are practical and customized for you based on our review of documents and discussions with staff, not simply taken off a shelf.

  • HR Departments of one benefit from knowing where additional efficiency can be added into their procedures while ensuring compliance. Results can be used to justify investment into new technology or processes.
  • Newly hired HR leaders value the gift of being provided with a clear view of the HR function they are stepping into, ensuring their ability to make a quicker impact.
  • Non-HR professionals find comfort in uncovering potential issues that they may otherwise not be aware of. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know when it comes to HR.

The information and support you need to make an impact.

Functional Areas Covered

  • Recruitment, Selection, and On-boarding
  • Employee Relations and Performance Management
  • Compensation Practices
  • Employee Benefits
  • Leave of Absence Administration
  • Separation from Employment
  • HR Technology
Project DeliverablesAfter a thorough review of applicable documents and discussions with select staff, leadership is provided with:

  • Comprehensive Assessment Report
  • Easy to follow, customized 12-month road map of suggested action steps
Thorough But Simple ProcessInformation for the Total View Assessment is gathered through:

  • Uploading of requested documents as applicable and available by the member
  • 45 min. – 1 hour conversations with HR and select Management
  • 30 min. conversations with select Staff
MEA Post Assessment SupportMEA’s experts are available to assist you in implementing any or all of the suggested action items that result from the Total View Audit. If you are looking to completely outsource your HR function to a trusted resource, we can do that too! Regardless of your need, our flexible and affordable support is available.

“Gallagher Fluid and Seals has utilized MEA’s Part Time HR services for almost 2 years. Gallagher Fluid and Seals has been in rapid growth mode. Specifically, we recently acquired a company and we grew from 35 to 55 employees. Our internal team is excellent and had been performing HR functions when we were 35 employees, and things were fine. However, with the growth of the company our issues became more complex, and the internal team simply no longer had the bandwidth to also handle HR issues.”

“Primarily we’ve utilized our Part Time HR professional in 3 ways. First, this person has lead the integration of the two companies from a human capital perspective. Second, our HR professional has been the “point person” for all HR services. For instance, we are currently in the second phase of our engagement survey and our HR professional has been the facilitator of that process. And finally, our HR professional is an outstanding coach. Our managers and employees use her as a sounding board frequently and she assists in resolving issues before they become big problems.”

Joe Gallagher, President – Gallagher Fluid Seals, Inc.
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