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MEA’s part-time HR services offer flexible and affordable
HR support for small to mid-size companies.

Initially, you need someone to handle payroll and administrative benefits. Before you know it, your needs become more complex. Using an HR consultant to drive your initiatives where you don’t have the bandwidth or expertise is a highly effective strategy. For instance:

  • The rapidly changing workforce environment challenges your recruiting and hiring efforts.
  • To compete in the tight labor market, you’re forced to develop robust new compensation strategies.
  • To cope with employee retirement trends, you must design and implement enhanced succession plans.
  • The demands of your incoming workforce include intensive training and development of new talent.
  • Your organization is growing and now requires staying on top of complex compliance issues such as ADA, FMLA, ACA, and FLSA rules and regulations.

The skills and experience you need, for as long as you need and at a price you can afford.

Onsite ConsultantAn experienced HR pro—up to speed with your challenges—will work with you and your team to develop the programs your organization needs.

Strategic Plan & DesignYour people are your most valuable asset. Developing and retaining them is crucial to your short- and long-term success.

Expert ResourcesYou not only get a seasoned HR expert, but also all the support MEA provides—from recruiting and hiring assistance to training, development and more.

Flexible & AffordableWe work with you and your internal HR support to determine the number of days per week you’ll need our assistance, along with the duration of your project.

“Gallagher Fluid and Seals has utilized MEA’s Part Time HR services for almost 2 years. Gallagher Fluid and Seals has been in rapid growth mode. Specifically, we recently acquired a company and we grew from 35 to 55 employees. Our internal team is excellent and had been performing HR functions when we were 35 employees, and things were fine. However, with the growth of the company our issues became more complex, and the internal team simply no longer had the bandwidth to also handle HR issues.”

“Primarily we’ve utilized our Part Time HR professional in 3 ways. First, this person has lead the integration of the two companies from a human capital perspective. Second, our HR professional has been the “point person” for all HR services. For instance, we are currently in the second phase of our engagement survey and our HR professional has been the facilitator of that process. And finally, our HR professional is an outstanding coach. Our managers and employees use her as a sounding board frequently and she assists in resolving issues before they become big problems.”

Joe Gallagher, President – Gallagher Fluid Seals, Inc.
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