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MEA’s HR Total View Assessment:
A comprehensive, objective view of your HR operations.

Human Resources operations are critical to the acquisition, engagement and performance of an organization’s most valuable resource: its people. Our approach and recommendations are not simply taken off a shelf, they are practical and customized for your unique needs.

For HR Departments of One

HR departments of one can benefit from added efficiencies while ensuring compliance, justifying investment in new technologies or processes.

For Non-HR Professionals

Non-HR professionals may not be aware of the issues we uncover, and can benefit from the added knowledge.

For Newly-Hired
HR Leaders

Newly hired HR leaders benefit from a clear picture of their function, meaning they can make a quicker impact.

How can MEA’s Total View HR Assessment help you?

We’ll start with a comprehensive document review and interviews with management and key employees, identifying areas of strength and needed improvement. Leveraging MEA’s expertise and subject matter experts, the following will be reviewed:

  • Recruitment, Selection, and On-Boarding
  • Employee Relations and Performance Management
  • Compensation Practices
  • Employee Benefits
  • Leave of Absence Administration
  • Separation from Employment
  • HR Technology

“Gallagher Fluid and Seals has utilized MEA’s Part Time HR services for almost 2 years. Gallagher Fluid and Seals has been in rapid growth mode. Specifically, we recently acquired a company and we grew from 35 to 55 employees. Our internal team is excellent and had been performing HR functions when we were 35 employees, and things were fine. However, with the growth of the company our issues became more complex, and the internal team simply no longer had the bandwidth to also handle HR issues.”

“Primarily we’ve utilized our Part Time HR professional in 3 ways. First, this person has lead the integration of the two companies from a human capital perspective. Second, our HR professional has been the “point person” for all HR services. For instance, we are currently in the second phase of our engagement survey and our HR professional has been the facilitator of that process. And finally, our HR professional is an outstanding coach. Our managers and employees use her as a sounding board frequently and she assists in resolving issues before they become big problems.”

Joe Gallagher, President – Gallagher Fluid Seals, Inc.

Leaders within the organization will be provided with:

Comprehensive Report

A comprehensive report listing findings and recommendations in each functional area

12-Month Roadmap

A 12-month roadmap of necessary and suggested changes designed to ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness of the HR function while ensuring compliance.


MEA can either offer support on specific projects or become—in whole or in part—your HR department, with flexible HR outsourcing solutions designed to meet your needs. Our team of subject-matter specialists are available to offer strategic solutions for any or all of the suggested action items that result from the Total View Assessment. If you are looking to completely outsource your HR function to a trusted resource, we can do that too.

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Unlike traditional staffing, outsourcing, and consulting firms, only MEA offers experts in all areas of Human Resources in addition to our seasoned HR Generalists, including employment attorneys.

HR Outsourcing:

By partnering with MEA, you can leverage the distinct benefits of having a seasoned consultant manage your HR function. Your HR consultant will coordinate the multiple expert resources available through MEA, including strategic use of our Recruitment, Training and Development, and other subject matter experts and partners. In short, we become your HR Department.

Who You Need, Where You Need Them

The level of HR support you’ll need is determined through conversation and the results of the Total View Assessment. Just like with any HR department, employees can directly access the MEA consultant via phone or email, and we’ll often be provided with an internal email address and “Manager or Director of HR” title. Support will be provided remotely via phone, email, and zoom conferencing. On-site support is also available!

Your MEA HRO team will manage all of the core functional areas reviewed as part of the Total View Assessment shown above. In addition, you will receive:

  • All Current Member Benefits
  • Annual Review of your Employee Handbook
  • Monthly Access to virtual Manager and Employee Harassment Training
  • Free Job Postings on the Job Board
  • Status as an MEA “Rockstar” with Free Attendance to Annual Summits and Conference Events
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HR departments come in all shapes and sizes. And so do workforce challenges. That’s why MEA offers a broad scope of services, tools, and programs designed to keep Member companies current and compliant.

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