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Behavioral Assessments: Make Better “People Decisions” Every Day

By: | 11.16.23 | Hub Pages
It’s the underlying promise of human resources: If you put the right people in the right jobs with the right support, magic happens. At MEA, we know getting all those “rights” aligned is quite a trick — one that actually requires strategically ap...

Guide to HR and Employment Law Membership

By: | 11.16.23 | Hub Pages
Get the most out of personalized services from a local agency HR is one of the most challenging areas to develop and stay on top of in any organization — especially in today’s quickly changing work environments. HR professionals are responsible for an ove...

Holistic HR Outsourcing: A Guide

By: | 11.16.23 | Hub Pages
Everything you need to know about holistic HR Outsourcing Human resources is a core component of all successful businesses. When strategic HR services are  delivered well, the results are apparent (productive employees, exceeded goals, stellar reputation, not a ...

The Crucial First 6 Months: Strategies to Retain Your Hourly Workforce

By: | 10.16.23 | Recruiting, Engagement,
Employers are struggling with retention on many fronts, but none are so acute as newly hired production, warehouse, and other hourly workers. Often times, newly hired workers do not make it past the first few weeks or months causing high turnover and stress on supervis...

Join MEA & Philabundance in the Fight Against Hunger

By: | 08.28.23 | Company News
As a nonprofit organization, we are always looking for ways to give back to the MidAtlantic community. This year we are participating in Campout for Hunger, an annual food drive and week-long charity event hosted by 93.3 WMMR. Campout for Hunger is dedicated to raising ...

From February to May: Insights on the Changing HR Landscape

By: | 06.09.23 | Surveys and Reports
In February of this year, MEA surveyed Members on key workplace issues related to compliance, recruitment and retention, compensation, DEI leadership and so much more. This survey was rerun again in May. Here is a comparison of the February and May Survey results: Most ...