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Building a Stronger Workforce: Enhancing Employee Engagement for Long-Term Success 

By: | 05.05.23 | Engagement
Employee engagement is a critical factor that drives organizational success. It refers to the level of commitment and motivation employees have towards their work, company and colleagues. Research has repeatedly shown that engaged employees are more productive, more com...

Business Trends to Look out for in 2023

By: | 12.09.22 | Surveys and Reports
KING OF PRUSSIA, PA (December 8, 2022) –– While the current economic outlook may have business leaders proceeding with caution, according to the 2023 National Business Trends Survey from the Employer Associations of America (EAA), business is looking up with...

Myonex Member Spotlight: How Culture and Core Values Fuel Global Growth

By: | 09.09.22 | Member Spotlight
In my travels as CEO, I have come across many great MEA Member employers, all contributing to our vibrant community. Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting with Maryanne Walsh, Vice President of Client and Employee Engagement at Myonex. I want to share a little of the...

Protect Your Greatest Asset: Your People

By: | 07.11.22 | Engagement
Great Resignation. Record Inflation. Possible Recession and market drops. Virtual, hybrid or mandatory returns to the office. Rising Mental Health challenges. These headlines dominate the press, social media and employee discussions at work, at home and with their frien...

Thank You to the MEA Community

By: | 12.22.20 | Company News
This year, rather than focus on numbers and results, I want to send out special thanks. Thank you to all the frontline healthcare and medical professionals who continue to care for COVID-19 patients in the face of personal risk and stress; Thank you to all the workers...

3 Generations: 6 Stark Differences in the Workplace (Part 2)

By: | 03.20.18 | blog, Surveys and Reports,
In Part 1 of our discussion about the stark differences between the three generations in today’s workplace, we investigated the three hottest topics candidates are asking of their potential employers: competitive pay and flexible schedules and competitive benefit...