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Thank You to the MEA Community

By: | 12.22.20 | Company News
This year, rather than focus on numbers and results, I want to send out special thanks. Thank you to all the frontline healthcare and medical professionals who continue to care for COVID-19 patients in the face of personal risk and stress; Thank you to all the workers...

3 Generations: 6 Stark Differences in the Workplace (Part 2)

By: | 03.20.18 | blog, Surveys and Reports,
In Part 1 of our discussion about the stark differences between the three generations in today’s workplace, we investigated the three hottest topics candidates are asking of their potential employers: competitive pay and flexible schedules and competitive benefit...

3 Generations: 6 Stark Differences in the Workplace (Part 1)

By: | 02.13.18 | Surveys and Reports
Technology has changed everything, and for employers, today’s world is far more complicated than it was just one generation ago. Before smartphones and the internet ruled our lives, workplaces were more or less able to operate at status quo, as their employees&rs...

When did employee appreciation become just another Millennial thing?

By: | 08.29.17 | Engagement
Employee appreciation — is it just a modern-day buzz phrase or something that most companies have been missing all along? As Millennials have begun to infiltrate the workforce, phrases such as “employee appreciation,” “employee engagement,&rdquo...

How to Hire Someone When it’s Really Not Your Forte: Holly’s Top 3 Recruitment Strategies

By: | 03.24.15 | Recruiting
The other day over a couple of Keurig specials, I was catching up with my friend Chris. Chris’s official title at his small but growing employer is CFO. But a couple times a year, his title morphs into “temporary HR specialist extraordinaire.” Chris lo...

Cultures Driven by Business: Ideo, Wawa and Netflix

By: | 02.25.14 | Engagement
MEA Members heard from two leading economists/forecasters over the past 3 months.  Both project strong economies for the next several years which will have an impact on salaries (rising as critical resources become more scarce) and the face of the workforce as more...